See Thee Rise is a program born out of our collective desire to unify Canadians on the future of Canada. We as both Canadians and a collective of creators & entrepreneurs believe this is a critical time for our Country (and the World). So we answered that by creating a program to try to help. We know that times of uncertainty are when the best art is made. We felt compelled to do something. So we did.

We created a program in which we will seek to unite AND ignite Canadians through a familiar vehicle; The Campfire. It is critical to us that we involve Indigenous Canadians in this project and conversation. In our design of the program we considered how best to achieve engagement of all Canadians, far and wide. We want help Canadians to rise up and claim our collective voice. We want to create a safe, culturally sensitive space for all Canadians to discuss our shared values. We will facilitate both digital and real world campfires across the country, which will unite groups as diverse and unique as our culture. These campfires will focus on what it means to be Canadian, what we want for our future, and how we can do it, together.

We will facilitate organized campfires, but will also release our framework to Canadians wishing to host their own, including digital content & tools to report back to us on their discussions, or share their opinions in a constructive way. We see this as a sacred space for Canadians, part conversation, part ceremony whether online or in person. We will produce content, podcasts, and document our story and journey to share with Canadians along the way.

The campfire tour will culminate in a final campfire event where we will share what we are referring to as a ‘Charter for the Future’, which will have been informed by all Canadians taking part in the initiative. We seek to unite, unify and raise the bar for all Canadians moving into the next 5 years. Canada, we see thee rise.

Tes Brillant Exploits

Tes brillants exploits est un projet né de notre désir collectif de solidariser les Canadiens autour d’une vision d’avenir du Canada. En tant que Canadiens et créateurs, nous croyons que notre pays (et la planète) traverse actuellement une période critique, et nous savons que les périodes d’incertitudes inspirent les meilleurs œuvres d’art. Nous nous sommes sentis appelés à faire quelque chose. Nous avons donc foncé. Nous avons créé un programme par lequel nous cherchons à unir et à galvaniser les Canadiens au moyen d’un catalyseur familier : le feu de camp. L’implication des autochtones dans le projet et dans la conversation est pour nous essentielle. Nous avons cherché à créer des partenariats pour concrétiser cette vision, et durant la conception du programme nous avons réfléchi sur la meilleure façon de mobiliser tous les Canadiens. Nous voulons créer un espace sûr et respectueux des particularités culturelles où tous les Canadiens pourrons parler de nos valeurs. Nous faciliterons des feux de camp, tant numériques que physiques, à travers le pays qui réuniront des groupes aussi uniques que notre culture. Ces feux de camp poseront des questions : Ça veut dire quoi, être Canadien? Quel avenir espérons-nous? Comment pouvons nous le réaliser? En plus de ces feux de camp organisés, nous rendrons notre structure accessible aux Canadiens désireux d’animer leurs propres feux de camp et leur fournirons des outils numériques pour qu’ils puissent nous communiquer les conclusions de leurs discussions. Nous produirons du contenu, des baladodiffusions, et nous documenterons notre histoire et notre périple afin de partager avec les Canadiens en cours de route. La tournée de feux de camp culminera dans un feu de camp final où nous partagerons ce que nous appelons une Charte pour l’avenir motivée par tous les Canadiens ayant participés à cette initiative. Nous cherchons à unifier, et à relever la barre pour tous les Canadiens au cours des cinq prochaines années.


To make See Thee Rise happen, we need your help. We are seeking to have as many Canadians contribute as possible, from as many places as possible. Far and Wide. North and South. We would love for you to take part with us. We believe this is a critical time for Canada. It’s a time to build our community and connection. It’s not a monologue, it’s a conversation. We want to hear from you.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and we'll be in touch as soon as we launch phase 1. / Parlez-nous un peu de vous, et nous communiquerons avec vous dès le lancement de la phase 1.
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The Mission Business went to the Arctic to explore the sensual and sublime side of a rapidly changing world. They returned empowered, engaged, and aware of the complicated colonial history of Canada, as well as their place within it. While Canadians are known around the world for their kindness, generosity, culture, and art, the current moment is still rife with contradictions and stresses from our colonial past. They recognized that in creating a new future story they can be deeply connected to about the country, a diverse constellation of Canadian voices and audiences is crucial in the visioning process. In this vision, they were compelled to dig deep and examine through an artistic and humanistic lens what it means to unite the country. TMB have partnered with Amy Miranda, of Lunch to make this happen. This is the rally cry.

When it comes to the future of Canada, it doesn't matter where you sit; it matters what you stand for. #SeeTheeRise
Our partner collaborators include:
• Lunch Inc.
• The Mission Business
• Jacknife Design, Design & Branding
• Natalie Urquhart, Producer/Director
• Anguti Johnston Artist
• Chanda Chevannes, Director/Producer
• Jason Ford, Consulting Producer
• Aaron Verdonk & Jesse Colburn, Musicians
• Lindy Zucker, Producer/Firekeeper
• Catshrine Collective, Artists
• Sasha Pierce, Artist
• Avery Plewes, Artist
• Nathan Jurevicius, Artist
• Kid Koala, Artist/Musician
• Yuko Brown, Artist
• Stripe & Crane Consulting
• Shine PR
• Six Degrees Music & Sound
• Sekanskin
• (A)rt (M)achine (I)nc.

To Be Continued...